Fantasy League Update

The court did not file any decisions this past week—hence, no change in the standings.

A Sixth Amendment Update for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Last fall’s post on the Fourth Amendment found that (1) these cases have accounted for a growing portion of the court’s output in recent years, and (2) the court’s two newest members (Justices R.G. Bradley and Kelly—especially Justice Kelly) have been more receptive to Fourth Amendment arguments than were the two justices (Crooks and Prosser) whom they replaced.  The second point doubtless goes some way toward explaining why the court has accepted Fourth Amendment arguments in criminal cases more readily during the last two terms than it did from 2008-09 through 2014-15 (although it remains more hostile to such defenses than it was before Justice Gableman joined the bench in 2008-09).

Could something of the sort have happened as well with Sixth Amendment decisions, which reach the court as often as their Fourth Amendment cousins?  These cases focus on a defendant’s right to a fair trial—more specifically, the right (1) to have a prompt and public trial, with an impartial jury, (2) to know the nature of the charges and the identity of one’s accuser, (3) to confront adverse witnesses, (4) to testify and present witnesses on one’s behalf, and (5) to have a competent lawyer.  Today we’ll turn the spotlight on the Sixth Amendment and see if the arrival of Justices R.G. Bradley and Kelly has coincided with developments similar to those summarized above for Fourth Amendment decisions.[1][Continue Reading…]

Fantasy League Update

This week the Waivers picked up 11 points and jumped into a third-place tie with the Writs on the strength of their work in Horizon Bank, National Association v. Marshalls Point Retreat LLC—10 points from Quarles & Brady (brief, oral argument, … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

The lone decision filed by the court this past week did not result in any points for the league's teams—hence, no change in the standings. … [Continue reading]

A Crowd-Sourcing Foray

This is an invitation to readers to “nominate” any Wisconsin Supreme Court cases from the 2017-18 term that contain surprising aspects.  I will maintain a collection of cases submitted and post them at the end of the summer.  “Surprising aspects” … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

Decisions filed this week featured two five-point performances by the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office—for briefs and oral arguments in State v. Hendricks and State v. Bartelt—thereby moving them ahead of the Writs and into sole … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1980-1981

These tables are derived from information contained in 134 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Lexis search for decisions filed between September 1, 1980, and August 31, 1981.  The total of 134 decisions does not include … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

The court did not file any decisions this past week—hence, no change in the standings. … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

Two decisions filed this week produced significant changes in the standings.  The Citations moved out of the cellar, one point clear of the Waivers, with five points from Crivello Carlson (a brief and oral argument in Westmas v. Creekside Tree … [Continue reading]

“Women and the Wisconsin Supreme Court”: The Department of Justice Responds

Yesterday's post elicited a communication from the Department of Justice, requesting that I inform readers of certain developments pertaining to the current term--most notably, opportunities for women from the Solicitor General's Office to present … [Continue reading]