Fantasy League Update

The past week witnessed another lead change, with Gass Weber Mullins earning five points for the Affirmed (from a brief and oral argument in Carolyn Moya v. Healthport Technologies, LLC), which thereby moved ahead of the Gavels by a single point.

current standings

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1987-1988

These tables are derived from information contained in 67 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Lexis search for decisions filed between September 1, 1987, and August 31, 1988.  The total of 67 decisions does not include rulings arising from (1) disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and judges, (2) various motions and petitions, and (3) a case (State v. Minued) in which the court decided that review had been improvidently granted.

The tables are available as a complete set and by individual topic according to the subsets listed below.

Four-to-Three Decisions
Decisions Arranged by Vote Split
Frequency of Justices in the Majority
Distribution of Opinion Authorship
Frequency of Agreement Between Pairs of Justices
Average Time Between Oral Argument and Opinions Authored by Each Justice
Number of Oral Arguments Presented by Individual Firms and Agencies

Fantasy League Update

This week’s decisions produced another change in the seesaw struggle at the top of the standings.  The Affirmed picked up a point from an amicus brief in Smith v. Anderson, to which Axley Brynelson contributed, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

This week the Writs vaulted out of the cellar and over the Waivers on the strength of 10 points contributed by Habush Habush & Rottier (brief, oral argument, and favorable result in Donna Brenner v. National Casualty Company). current … [Continue reading]

Strange Bedfellows in 4-3 Decisions at the Wisconsin Supreme Court

A few weeks ago, Justices Abrahamson, Ann Walsh Bradley, Roggensack, and Gableman combined to form a majority in Universal Processing Services v. Circuit Court of Milwaukee County.  Shortly thereafter, a Wisconsin attorney noticed a query on a … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

Decisions filed this past week brought the Citations to within shouting distance of the Affirmed and the Gavels at the top of the standings, thanks to 10 points from Godfrey & Kahn (brief, oral argument, and favorable decision in Ricardo M. Garza … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1988-1989

These tables are derived from information contained in 83 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Lexis search for decisions filed between September 1, 1988, and August 31, 1989.  The total of 83 decisions does not include rulings … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

On the strength of a ten-point performance this week (briefs and oral arguments in State v. Maday and State v. Zamzow), the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office closed to within two points of the league-leading Affirmed. current standings … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

It appears that in 2016-17 the “Attorneys” section on the title page of a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision will no longer include attorneys who filed amicus briefs but did not participate in oral argument.  After noticing this, I went back over the … [Continue reading]

Is Stare Decisis Dead?

Last month’s decision in State v. Denny yielded a spirited discussion of stare decisis (often translated from Latin as “stand by things decided” or “let the decision stand”)—a principle that emphasizes the importance of adhering to the precedents set … [Continue reading]