Fantasy League Update

With the filing of State v Scruggs on February 23, the Gavels of the Public Defender’s Office picked up five points (brief and oral argument) and edged into first place for the first time this season.  Their stay at the top lasted only a day, however, as the 10 points gained by Linder & Marsack (brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in Voces De La Frontera v. Clarke) moved the Affirmed back into the lead.

current standings

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1989-1990

These tables are derived from information contained in 71 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Lexis search for decisions filed between September 1, 1989, and August 31, 1990.  The total of 71 decisions does not include rulings arising from (1) disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and (2) various motions and petitions.[1]

The tables are available as a complete set and by individual topic according to the subsets listed below.

Four-to-Three Decisions
Decisions Arranged by Vote Split
Frequency of Justices in the Majority
Distribution of Opinion Authorship
Frequency of Agreement Between Pairs of Justices
Average Time Between Oral Argument and Opinions Authored by Each Justice
Number of Oral Arguments Presented by Individual Firms and Agencies


[1] The total of 71 decisions does include State v. Johnson (87-1471-CR), filed January 18, 1990—a ruling on a motion for reconsideration.  The process involved briefing and oral argument, and it resulted in a decision with substantial discussion.

Fantasy League Update

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Fantasy League Update

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And Massachusetts

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