Fantasy League Update

Both decisions filed this week affected the standings. The Citations gained 10 points from O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing (a brief, oral argument, and favorable outcome in The Peter Ogden Family Trust of 2008 v. Board of Review for the Town of Delafield), while the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office added 5 points for a brief and oral argument in State v. Friedlander. As a result, the Citations soared from third place into first, while the Gavels moved ahead of the Writs into second.

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Justices Rebecca Bradley, Daniel Kelly, and their Predecessors: Some Perspectives After the 2017-18 Term

Enough time has elapsed following the arrival of Justices Rebecca Bradley (3 terms) and Daniel Kelly (2 terms) to form rather clear impressions of their voting records compared to those of the justices whom they replaced (Crooks and Prosser, respectively). This could be done by assessing the four justices’ positions on various issues (Fourth Amendment defenses, med-mal cases, and so on), and we may return to such an approach down the road. Today, however, we’ll look more generally at how these justices voted in relation to their other colleagues over the period beginning in September 2008—at which point the court’s membership remained unchanged until Justice Bradley succeeded Justice Crooks in 2015.[Continue Reading…]

Fantasy League Update

A decision filed by the supreme court this week brought five points to the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office (for a brief and oral argument in State v. A. L.), slipping them past the Citations and into a first-place tie with the … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

The single decision filed by the court this past week brought a point to the Citations—contributed by Godfrey & Kahn with an amicus brief in West Bend Mutual Ins. Co. v. Ixthus Medical Supply, Inc. This moved the Citations to within three points … [Continue reading]

Crowd-Source Reminder

This is a monthly reminder to readers to “nominate” Wisconsin Supreme Court cases from the 2018-19 term that contain surprising aspects.  As I did last year, I will maintain a collection of cases and comments submitted and post them at the end of the … [Continue reading]

An Oral Argument Count: The Top 25 Law Firms

A recent post tallying the number of oral arguments delivered by individual attorneys prompted a reader to suggest a companion post identifying the firms whose lawyers have argued most often before the supreme court. With this assignment in hand, … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

The two decisions filed during the past week did not yield any points for Fantasy League teams--hence, no change in the standings. … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

The Supreme Court did not file any decisions during the past week--hence, no change in the Fantasy League standings. … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1976-1977

These tables are derived from information contained in 283 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Lexis search for decisions filed between September 1, 1976, and August 31, 1977.  The total of 283 decisions does not include … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

Last week’s supreme court decisions brought points to every team in the league—except for the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office, which cost them their position at the top of the standings.  Indeed, two teams overtook the Gavels, who, as … [Continue reading]