A Sixth Amendment Update for 2017-18 and 2018-19

Sixth Amendment cases address a defendant’s right to a fair trial—specifically, the right to (1) have a prompt and public trial, with an impartial jury, (2) know the nature of the charges and the identity of one’s accuser, (3) confront adverse … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 1973-74

These tables are derived from information contained in 316 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions that were turned up in a Nexis Uni search for decisions filed between September 1, 1973, and August 31, 1974.  The total of 316 decisions does not include … [Continue reading]

“Women and the Wisconsin Supreme Court”: An Update through 2018-19

The most recent post in this series showed that, although women conducted a rapidly increasing share of oral arguments at the supreme court from 1981-82 (10%) through 2014-15 (33%), the acceleration did not continue during the next two terms—and, … [Continue reading]

Public Defender Outcomes Compared to the “Field”: An Update for 2014-15 through 2018-19

Five years have passed since we measured the results obtained by public defenders against the achievements of other attorneys in criminal and indigent-defense cases, so we are more than due for an update. … [Continue reading]

An Update on Fourth-Amendment Cases: 2017-18 and 2018-19

Two terms have passed since our last Fourth-Amendment update, and significant developments have transpired in the interim. For one thing, Justices Rebecca Bradley and Daniel Kelly have now been on the court long enough (four terms and three terms, … [Continue reading]

Gavels Win! Again

As June turned to July and the fantasy league approached season’s end, it became clear that only a heroic effort on the part of another contender could overtake the Gavels of the State Public Defender’s Office. No such rally occurred, however, and … [Continue reading]

The 2018-19 Term: Some More Impressions–and a Paradox

Using data from the just-completed 2018-19 term, we can update the findings for a number of significant topics that SCOWstats has been following for several years. There is much here to suggest greater efficiency at the supreme court in … [Continue reading]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Statistics, 2018-19

These tables are derived from information contained in 58 Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions filed between September 1, 2018, and the end of the court’s term in the summer of 2019. The total of 58 decisions omits orders pertaining to various motions, … [Continue reading]

The Supreme Court’s 2018-19 Term: Some Initial Impressions

With the last substantive decisions now filed for the 2018-19 term, we can begin a series of posts that examine various aspects of the justices’ labors over the past 12 months. … [Continue reading]

Fantasy League Update

This week’s decisions delivered five points to the Citations for a brief and oral argument by Tracey Wood & Associates in State v. Jessica M. Randall, thereby moving the Citations into a tie with the Writs for second place. Click here for the … [Continue reading]